White Paper

EMC File Intelligence: How To Understand And Secure Your Content

Source: EMC Corporation

As an enterprise professional with strategic responsibilities, time is your most precious commodity. When you want information, you want it fast and you want it concise. With that in mind, EMC has developed a series of 15-Minute Guides to essential topics in information technology.

This guide focuses on how organizations can understand and secure their unstructured content. This process is the first step in applying a comprehensive approach to what we call pervasive governance.

The discussion will include:

  • The problem organizations face when confronted with the overwhelming accumulation of unstructured content and what it means when trying to apply governance policy and enforcement
  • The comprehensive and modular approach that EMC offers toward information governance, an approach that emphasizes automation
  • An overview of EMC File intelligence and how it works
  • Pervasive governance as a fundamental strategy

We hope you find it 15 minutes well spent.