White Paper

Email Analytics Best Practices

Source: Tigerpaw Software, Inc.

There are many obstacles to launching a successful email campaign, from beating spam filters to writing a quality subject line. Then comes the challenge of standing out in recipients' inboxes, so your message gets opened, viewed and clicked.

Use HTML Wisely
Not all recipients of your email marketing messages will want or have the ability to view the entire message without clicking. Be careful to limit the number of images in your message, as many email programs will just show them as red "x's" or broken image boxes entirely.

Easy to Opt- out
Make it easy for those who receive your marketing messages to opt out of future campaigns – irritated recipients of unwanted emails can lead to high spam complaints. Hosted email such as Yahoo and Gmail monitor trends in spam activity. If a large enough number of recipients hit the spam button, you could have a block put on your IP address on the server sending the emails.

Be Truthful
Avoiding penalties under the CAN-SPAM Act means being an honest email marketer. Always use truthful subject lines that are not deceptive of your email's true intent. Include your company's physical address and contact information somewhere in the email.