White Paper

Electronic Signatures, Essential For Paperless Processes

Source: Digitech Systems, Inc.
Electronic Signatures

Picture this: you have got enterprise content management (ECM) figured out. Your documents are stored electronically, you route them electronically and you have abandoned the world of paper. You have arrived! That is, until, BOOM, one of your electronically stored documents needs a signature. Now you have to stop in your tracks, print a document, sign it and get it back into the electronic system somehow. This is a huge waste of time and it also throws a wrench in your paperless prerogative. Don't worry, signatures can be added to the electronic mix! Thanks to the birth of electronic signatures, you can sign a document without having to print! With a few simple clicks you can sign a document and get it on its merry way. Plus, it's safe and secure. What more could you ask for?

This whitepaper will teach you everything you need to know about what electronic signatures are and how to add them to your ECM system. Download it below now!