News Feature | June 9, 2014

Education IT News — June 9, 2014

By Amy Taylor, contributing writer

Technology-Enhanced University Education: How IT Solutions Providers Can Make Their Mark

In the news, as more schools are moving student data to the cloud with plans to implement data analysis tools, privacy remains a concern. Also, a group of educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors draft an “Edtech Bill of Rights.” In addition, an article lists technologies anticipated to impact K-12 education, including cloud computing, gamification, and learning analytics.

Student Data Improves Learning But Quietly Toes The Privacy Line

Government Technology reports that more schools are moving student data to the cloud to improve student learning by implementing data analysis tools. In the midst of student privacy concerns, school district leaders shouldn’t throw out tools and applications because of privacy considerations, but should be willing to talk openly about the issues that have moved from paper to digital and now to the cloud.

Educators Identify Key Guidelines For Education Technology

EdSurge recently facilitated a mixed group of educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors tackled creating an “Edtech Bill of Rights.” A key principle stressed in the document is to incorporate educators in the design process, while also establishing the purpose behind specific education technology products. Ultimately, the educator does not want to be replaced and the student always comes first.

Technology Trends That Will Impact K-12 Education

THE Journal said there are six technologies that will have a major impact on K-12 education within the next few years. A new report finds these new technologies as a result of research in coordination with an expert panel of Horizon Project participants. The technologies include BYOD (bring your own device), cloud computing, gamification, and learning analytics.

Teaching And Technology Prepare Students For The 21st Century Workplace

The Detroit News said that Joel Klein, a former NYC school leader is urging a focus on teaching and technology in education. He gave the keynote at the Mackinac Policy Conference and said that America needs to make teaching the most revered profession, while using technology to transform the classroom.

Education IT Talking Points

Campus Technology featured an article on “Big Data: An Evolution in Higher Education’s Technology Landscape,” showcasing different viewpoints on student data.

Metropolis claims that “MOOCs Are Here to Stay,” and embraces the evolution of the classroom.

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