News Feature | June 3, 2014

Education IT News For VARs — June 2, 2014

By Amy Taylor, contributing writer

With Competition For IT Techs Rising, Can IT Solutions Providers Fill Void For Campuses?

In the news this week, data-driven lessons provide teachers with a look at metrics that impact decision making. Articles also provide you with proof that ROI for tech investments includes student engagement, and tech integrators in classrooms help optimize the students’ experience.

Data Allows Teachers To Address Both Overall And Individual Concerns

SCNow reports on data-driven school lessons and the benefits teachers are currently experiencing as they give their classes both pre- and post- tests for every unit to create matrices with the results. This allows teachers the ability to visualize how the class does overall with various concepts, and also identify specific students who need more help in some areas.

Students Stay Interested In The Classroom And Realize Potential With Technology

The Selma Times-Journal offers some ROI that you can share with your education clients:  that the technology in schools is helping students stay engaged with curriculum. For example, after the nearly $1 million budget pushed into the Brantley Elementary School Improvement Grant,  the students demonstrate use of Promethean boards, document cameras, iPads, laptops, and other high-tech devices to complete assignments and reach their optimum potential.

Tech Integrators Bridge The Gap Between Traditional Classrooms With New Technology

The Concord Monitor reveals the difference integrating technology into a classroom makes to a student. Tech integrators were placed in the elementary schools last year to help manage the digital classroom tools and provide the optimal experience for students.

Art Classrooms Welcome The Accessibility Of Smartphones To Build A Portfolio

Even art classes welcome technology, reports The Salt Lake Tribune. Opportunities and challenges are presented in art with the acceptance of smartphones in the classroom. The teacher began by allowing photography students to use their phones to take photos and create videos with high-quality apps.

Education IT Talking Points

OPB published a piece by Anya Kamenetz examining the current environment of higher education in “The Crisis In The ‘Ivory Tower’”.

Forbes makes the case for technology stating that “Education Needs to Change as Fast as Technology.”

The Oklahoman reports on a recent vote by the Oklahoma legislature to scrap the Common Core academic standards. The bill to scrap the Common Core academic standards was approved by the Oklahoma Legislature and now goes to Gov. Mary Fallin.

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