News Feature | July 14, 2014

Education IT News For VARs — July 14, 2014

By Amy Taylor, contributing writer

Technology-Enhanced University Education: How IT Solutions Providers Can Make Their Mark

Technology continues to seek a balance between efficiency and unnecessary complications in classrooms across the country. Wearable technology breaks onto the scene to enhance learning, as 3D printers make a memorable impression among students.

Education Employs Advances In Wearable Technology

CloudTweaks reports new wearable technology innovations are being incorporated into the learning and teaching process. Some examples of wearable technology in education include autographers, keygloves, Muse (brain-sensing headband), virtual reality, smart watches, GoPro, and Google Glass.

Technology Transforms Higher Education With The Latest Trends

Tech Page One reports that college students are modernizing the learning process, specifically, with four innovative technologies. First, 3D printers are increasingly popular in classrooms, making it fast and easy for students to develop prototypes. Lasers and supercomputers are creating a supernova simulation, while smartphones and apps are also effective tools for students. Finally, technology-enabled active learning is proving to be an effective format for coursework.

Education Groups Back $2 Billion Wi-Fi Plan

The Hill says a coalition of education groups backs a proposal at the Federal Communications Commission that plans to funnel billions of dollars into wireless Internet for schools and libraries. The agency has already set aside $2 billion for the first two years and anticipates providing the other $3 billion by eliminating inefficiencies in the E-Rate program and phasing out non-Internet access services.

New Online Enrollment Program To Affect Hundreds Of Campuses

Campus Technology reports that Pearson Workforce Education Courses will now use a new online enrollment management system. This system is expected to impact more than 200 colleges and universities and nearly four million learners.

Education IT Talking Points

The Washington Post questions the future of EdTech, asking, “Will the FCC ignore educators in modernizing key U.S. technology program?

EdTech Magazine wrapped up the years latest educational innovations in “Campus Technology 2014: What You Need to Know.”

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