News Feature | July 1, 2014

Education IT News For VARs — July 1, 2014

By Amy Taylor, contributing writer

Education IT News For VARs

Student data is potentially breached in New Jersey, leaving parents and students unsure about the safety of their personal information. Additionally, school security continues to be a hot topic in the news, as schools adopt technology for safer, more advanced learning environments.

Better School Security Remains Too Expensive For Some Schools

Cameras on campuses are quite common, along with texting and electronic notification systems, but a new generation of school security allows police to lock inside and outside doors remotely reports KING5 Seattle. The latest technology developments to improve school security amid school shootings come with a price tag, however, that is often unattainable.

Possible Data Breach Leaves District Students Targeted By Area Charter School

The Jersey Journal reports that the school district in Jersey City is investigating how a Sherman Avenue charter school obtained personal information about district students. The data was potentially used to mail students and their parents registration forms last month.

Education Technology Continues To Perform Amid Tight Budgets

A press release on PR Newswire reports that the global spending on education technology within classrooms reached $13 billion last year, up 11 percent on 2012 according to a new market study from Futuresource Consulting. The study focuses on mobile PC devices, classroom displays, and complementary devices, revealing that the market will continue to rise in value out to 2018 and beyond.

Pennsylvania Law Allows School Districts To Record Conversations on Buses

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Gov. Tom Corbett signed legislation that allows the use of audio recording devices and video surveillance on school buses and used for “disciplinary and security purposes.” In response to a “high volume of incidents” on buses, the recordings intend to be a substantial deterrent among students.

School Security At Forefront Amid Shootings

USA Today states that despite beefed-up security, school shootings continue to plague the country. Among the more common changes within schools includes lockdown drills, upgrades to locks and doors, and single entrances to buildings. Even with the upgrades and security guards, schools need to have emergency plans and staff members that stay in tune with what’s happening within the school.

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