News Feature | February 28, 2014

Education IT News For VARs — February 28, 2014

By Amy Taylor, contributing writer

Education IT News For VARs

Technology plays an ever-increasing role in education, bringing accessibility and improved resources for the classroom. However, it’s not without risk — another school data breach hit an institution of higher education this week. In other news, the website EdSurge will index products in the education technology space, providing Consumer Reports-style coverage of companies.

Data Stored In Insecure Location Led To Breach At Indiana University

Indiana University may have disclosed personal data for 146,000 students and recent graduates in a recent school data breach, said WTHI-TV. University officials identified that the data was being stored in an insecure location for the past 11 months.

Website Will Cover Companies, Products In Ed Tech Space

Re/code said that EdSurge, a website devoted to providing Consumer Reports-style coverage of education technology companies, raised $1.5 million in funding to enhance current coverage. The company plans to provide “evenhanded coverage of all the companies in the space,” with a products index and newsletters.

Technology Upgrades Move Forward In Utah

In Utah, a massive push to expand technology in schools moved forward said The Salt Lake Tribune by moving HB131 to the full House with a 13-1 vote by the House Education Committee. The $200 million initiative hopes to increase statewide test scores, learning rates, attendance and parental involvement by empowering teachers, students and classrooms with technology

Education IT Talking Points

InformationWeek published an in-depth analysis of iPads In The Classroom: Worth Doing Right and claims that tablets in K-12 should not be technology for technology’s sake.

InTheCapital introduced an infographic to demonstrate How Technology Has Impacted Education Over the Years. The presentation showcases advancements in education through the years with a visual demonstration of how technology continues to open new doors for students and educators.

NBC News reports that technology in classrooms may hinder the newly proposed rules to limit junk food marketing in schools. The White House and the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced new school wellness standards that include a phase out of advertisements featuring sugary drinks and junk food, but food companies spend a large portion of their marketing budget on digital promotions. As technology is increasingly a part of the classroom, ads may pop up in the course of a classroom Web activity or during the social media and web browsing that goes on during lunch and between classes.

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