Magazine Article | May 1, 2019

Editorial Advisory Board/Online Resources

Q | I love the content in this magazine. Where can I read more?

A | CLICK ON OVER TO OUR VAR- AND MSP-SPECIFIC PORTALS AT WWW.VARINSIGHTS.COM ANDWWW.MSPINSIGHTS.COM. Like Channel Executive Magazine, those portals feature exclusive editorial content that’s largely independently authored by channel partner leaders, analysts, consultants, and unattached third parties. Unlike Channel and also feature some top-notch thought leadership from our vendor partners who are dedicated to serving the channel. That vendor-authored content isn’t the standard marketing-speak drivel you’ll find elsewhere. We guide our vendor partner authors to write valuable, actionable, business-oriented content that does more than simply position one PSA or RMM tool over another.

Another benefit of subscription to and/or is that both sites feature a continuous flow of great IT channel-specific content. You don’t have to wait for it to hit your mail slot each month.

Q | I’ve got some opinions and insight of my own to share with the channel. How do I submit a column?

A | THAT’S AN EASY ONE. If you’re a VAR, MSP, integrator, or an IT service provider by any other stripe, and you have something valuable to share with your peers in the channel, send an e-mail to John Oncea. He’s the guy who directs and places our digital content, and he can be reached at

If you’re a vendor and you’d like to be published on one of our platforms, you’ll need to talk to one of our business development representatives about our sponsorship packages and the value they create for the companies who support the channel through our titles. Shoot us a note at or

Oh, and if you’re an ISV or one of those cool hybrid VAR/MSP/developer types, we’ve got a place for you, too. Check out and get in touch with John at the e-mail address above.