Guest Column | July 8, 2011

Attorneys: Your Lives Just Got A Lot Easier

By Sheila Mackay, Xerox Litigation Services

Are you an in-house attorney or legal professional spending many waking hours reviewing or worrying about who is reviewing thousands, if not millions, of your or your client's electronic documents in response to regulatory or government inquiries or in preparation for litigation? Do you feel you're spending too much time and money reviewing non-relevant documents? Or if you are using a strategic document search technology, are you confident that you can scale on-demand and prioritize the pertinent documents you need for early case assessment or case preparation to ensure the most efficient and defensible review by your in-house team, outside counsel, expert witnesses, or others?

Since the introduction of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in 2006, organizations have come to understand the value of a comprehensive e-discovery process — and judges have had little sympathy for companies that can't preserve and produce requested data during discovery using a principled, thoroughly documented process in an appropriate timeframe. The need for a wellplanned approach extends to document review execution where speed, accuracy and consistency are key. Organizations are increasingly finding themselves in the hot seat when they have been unable to respond to requests for production expediently, and with a sound rationale for their results.