Guest Column | July 11, 2012

6 Due Diligence Questions To Ask Your Cloud Provider

Jamie Brenzel headshot

By Jamie Brenzel, CEO, KineticD

When shopping for a cloud backup solution, creating a comparative spreadsheet will help you to keep track of your different options. After all, your company data is the lifeblood of  your business. These key questions will help you in making an informed decision.

1. Does the cloud provider offer both on-site and off-site protection?
The ideal cloud backup solution should provide you with an unlimited option to back up to a local server for immediate access and to restore application files (Word/Outlook/ QuickBooks) quickly and efficiently. It should also provide you with the option to back up your data (documents/ spreadsheets/financials) to the cloud (an off-site server or data center.)

2. Does it offer unlimited backup?
Today, fewer vendors are offering unlimited backup, and if they do, they’re attaching limitations such as bandwidth throttling or file size caps. When searching for a cloud backup solution, take a look at the options that take into account your growth potential. Be aware of providers that require a long-term contract with fixed bandwidth/data capacity. If the maximum capacity of your data is 50 GB, you shouldn’t pay for 150 GB of data until you need it.