Guest Column | May 9, 2014

DRaaS Ushers In New Era Of Intelligence And Affordability

Virtual Communications Networks

By Subo Guha, vice president of product management and marketing at Unitrends

In today’s explosive, data-driven growth environment, small to mid-sized organizations are struggling to ensure adequate protection and preservation of their most important assets: their data, applications, and systems. Increasing data volumes and storage complexities are making it harder than ever to rely on physical and virtual backup and recovery systems alone. Yet there has never been a greater need to establish a safe working environment where data is not only protected, but also supported by an effective strategy that can be implemented in the event of disaster.

Enter Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) — a fast, reliable, and low-cost alternative to the ever-escalating costs of a second-site infrastructure. Leveraging the cloud in the same way that organizations around the world are circumventing the cumbersome management, maintenance, and upgrade requirements of managing data centers full of traditional physical and virtual technologies, DRaaS provides a new level of recovery capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Sobering Survey Trendlines

Recent surveys reveal a number of sobering trendlines with regard to downtime and asset loss in a world that has long become accustomed to running on real-time IT access and interaction. Survey results include the following:

  • 93 percent of companies losing their data center for over 10 days file for bankruptcy within the year of its occurrence.
  • 43 percent of companies suffering catastrophic data loss never reopen at all. 
  • 50 percent of all tape backups fail to restore.
  • 25 percent of all PC users suffer data loss every year.

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