News | October 30, 2008

Dotworkz Signs Wireless Distributor Moonblink

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dotworkz, a world leader in network-based video surveillance products, announced today that it has selected Moonblink Communications as a volume distributor of its camera housings, network video recorders and static camera enclosures, including the ultra-rugged Dotworkz D2™ enclosure.

As the leading provider of camera enclosures, Dotworkz will look to Moonblink's expertise in wireless technology to help realize its goal of making the D2 enclosure the modern standard for outdoor video surveillance.

"Dotworkz product sales require professionals who understand wireless technology inside and out. If the camera is going out on a street pole, it's going to need to be wireless," said Will Ferris, President, Dotworkz. "We found in Moonblink a team of talented, technically oriented sales professionals who are experts in the wireless field."

Under the agreement, Moonblink will work to identify Value Added Resellers (VARs) whose customers seek to deploy Dotworkz IP-networked surveillance systems. These VARs, in turn, stand to benefit by having to work with one qualified source to procure all their camera enclosures and related wireless equipment.

"As the market for IP networked surveillance heats up, we want to be able to capture all the hardware and components that VARs need to build their systems," said Darrell Alfaro, CEO of Moonblink Communications. "Enclosures like the D2 are ideal because they provide an open development platform and can accommodate the wireless equipment we provide today."

Moreover, unlike many existing outdoor camera enclosures, D2 enclosures are made to withstand severe weather and physical abuse without being overly conspicuous.

"The outdoor camera can no longer look like a basketball on a stick. It's got to blend in well with modern surroundings. At the same time, it's got to stand up to severe heat and cold, moisture and vandalism. On all counts, the D2 fits the bill," said Ferris.

Government, education, enterprise and security customers are among the largest purchasers of Dotworkz's video surveillance products, which also include fiber network video systems, network video recorders and accessories. Public sector video surveillance and security are also key focus areas for Moonblink, which recently created a new business unit to service these sectors.

For more information contact Moonblink, 1211 Alderwood Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. Or phone 877-623-5223. On the web


Since 1998 Dotworkz has been focused on network based video product designs, introducing the first PTZ controllable streaming network camera on the West Coast. Dotworkz has evolved with the security industry to provide partners worldwide with reliable, state of the art video monitoring hardware and design services. It has introduced many cutting edge products including innovative environmental enclosures and high-performance wireless video systems that have been instrumental in the development of critical video infrastructure for defense, homeland security, transportation and private interests.


Based in Sunnyvale, Calif., Moonblink Communications is a value-added distributor providing WiFi, WiMAX, VoIP, surveillance camera systems, license-free and licensed broadband wireless solutions to VARs and Integrators that service enterprise, government, education, and security markets throughout the Americas. Moonblink Communications is a leader in wireless networking equipment distribution with highly qualified sales, engineering and technical support personnel. For more information please visit or call 1-877-623-5223 or 1-408-850-1143.

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