Case Study

Donna Independent School District Standardizes Printer Fleet With OKI

Source: OKI

In this case study from OKI we take a look at Donna Independent School District (Donna ISD), a K-12 education system currently operating an assorted fleet of print technologies and vendors and experiencing a lack of centralized printer management and high consumables costs. Donna ISD makes decisions based on a collaborative process requiring district-wide support.

Donna ISD’s assorted group of products and suppliers made it difficult to centralize the administration of its networked printing devices, causing them to incur unnecessary printing and supply costs and creating procurement inefficiencies. With a new Director of Technology recently brought in, Donna ISD was looking to refresh its entire technology infrastructure district wide.

Donna ISD received a proposal from OKI showing through a TCO analysis that over a 5 year period there was a potential to save more than a million dollars by upgrading to OKI products. Donna ISD decided to initially deploy color printers in each of its school libraries, where the high print volume in each library would be easily monitoring to manage printing costs.

Download this case study below to read more about Donna ISD’s decision.