News Feature | July 2, 2015

Don't Make These Mistakes Other VARs Make With SMB Customers

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

VAR SMB Customers

SMBs have different purchasing habits than other market segments. According to a Cisco whitepaper for example, SMBs buy more bundled services than any other segment for reasons that include reliability, quality, integration, ease of doing business, and price. Knowing the ins and outs can be a challenge for VARs, MSPs, integrators, and software developers, but there is also a chance to differentiate yourself among your competitors by expertly addressing SMBs’ needs.

Business Solutions Magazine solicited advice regarding the most common mistakes made by IT solutions providers when selling to SMBs and channel executives responded with the following list of mistakes your competitors are making.

Ivan Lutwin, sales manager for Barcoding, Inc., replied, “A common mistake is that VARs don’t take the time to fully understand their prospect’s business application, their pain points, and what they are trying to accomplish. It is vital to ask questions and really listen to your customers.  There is a driving force behind every project. It is up to us to figure out what it is and how to best solve the client’s problem.”

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