White Paper

Don't Let Automation Pass You By

Source: Solarwinds MSP

Needless to say, down time can be expensive. The MSP might have to pay their customers for the interruption in service and may also ultimately end up losing some customers in the long run. As such, it's prudent for MSPs to take steps to avoid outages. Using automation software to detect and correct issues on the fly is a good way for MSPs to decrease the odds of an outage.

As you can see, RMM automation software can go a long way toward helping MSPs protect their businesses against service-related loss of credibility, or—worse yet—loss of customers. However, the benefits to using automation software don't stop there. Automation software not only helps MSPs protect their businesses, it can also help grow those businesses.

One of the primary factors that often prevents an MSP from expanding its business is that the MW lacks the scalability to handle new business. This lack of scalability is sometimes tied to infrastructure limitations, but more often the problem is tied to staffing concerns.

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