Case Study

Document Retrieval Is Covered At Mountaineer Insurance Group

Mountaineer‘s core business practices needed improving. Insurance applications are filled out in person, via fax, over the phone and electronically, resulting in original signed documents being received in a variety of formats. Regardless of their source they were printed and stored in a paper file which proved difficult to maintain. When Mountaineer prepares an insurance quote, an application packet of 14-18 pages is automatically generated by the insurance software. Of those 18 pages only 7-8 pages need to be seen and signed by the customer. The agency also printed a second copy, to be filed away so they had a record of which documents they sent their customers. They found themselves printing a mountain of paper, approximately 3,000-4,000 pages per month, and then throwing almost half of it away!

In an effort to reduce paper and improve business processes, Mountaineer started scanning its own printed pages, renaming and saving the files with the customer name. This manual process was time consuming, not searchable and duplicate names made it very complicated to administer. Finding needed documents was getting so difficult that some employees were maintaining duplicate files.

After DocuWare was installed, Mountaineer quickly saw huge time savings. Under the previous process office staff would spend up to 16 hours per week matching signature pages with policies. Today that task is completed in a fraction of the time. Scanning time has dropped from 6 hours a day to a mere 30 minutes, allowing the agency to replace a full time position, with a part-time position with additional duties.