Diversify Your Product Offering, Grow Your Business In Any Economy

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Mark Tanner, vice president of EMJ, a division of IT distributor SYNNEX, sits down with Business Solutions magazine President Jim Roddy for an exclusive interview at the 2009 SYNNEX Spring Training Sales Conference in Toronto.

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Length: 6 min, 54 sec

Excerpts from an exclusive interview with Mark Tanner, vice president of EMJ, a division of IT distributor SYNNEX, and Jim Roddy, president of Business Solutions, from the 2009 SYNNEX Spring Training Sales Conference in Toronto

BSM: EMJ distributes a lot of different technologies, and you’ve had a lot of growth this year, which is a rarity in this economy. So, can you talk a little bit about diversity and what it means for you and what it means for resellers?

Tanner: Being in different markets, Jim, helps us leverage markets that are up and offset the markets that are down.

There are a few specific markets that we see are being up right now and very hot, and that is mobility, in specific data collection AIDC. This market is all about return on investment for the customer. In this market, end users/end customers have to solve problems – they have to do more with less people. They have been laying off their work staff. They have tried to get more involved within their business and enabling those workers that are left steering the ship to do more and to really contribute.

BSM: I’ve been to other conferences and talked with a lot of resellers and vendors, and there’s degrees of despair. But at this conference, it seems like a lot of folks are upbeat. I’m sure it ties in with your company’s growth – not doing layoffs, things of that nature.

Tanner: We need to really talk about where we are winning – and people are winning out there. Even though certain sectors are losing employment and losing their economy growth, there are others that are very much increasing. Again, it’s the mobility worker. We’re also seeing the physical security space being very hot, and our professional video business is actually very strong right now as well.

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