Case Study

Case Study: Philadelphia School District Secures A Tailored Print Solution

Source: OKI

With 276 schools and 214,350 students, the Philadelphia School District is the ninth largest public school system in America. Much like its counterparts across the country, the Philadelphia School District is finding that advancing technology, the power of color in learning, and the availability of online images are rapidly increasing its need for color printing.

Having used mainly monochrome laser printers, and desktop inkjet printers in a few classrooms, the School District wanted color, but was wary of its high costs—particularly the frequent replacement of ink cartridges used in inkjet printers. The administration also sought "workhorse" printers that could deliver high-quality color graphics while standing up to the demands of a classroom environment. Output speed was critical so that students would not waste valuable class time waiting for documents to be printed. Finally, it was essential that comprehensive customer support was available at all times to support the IT department and minimize downtime.