Case Study

Deveraux Developments Reduces Security Costs With Solar-Powered Stratocast™ Cloud-Based Surveillance System

Source: Genetec
Genetec Deveraux

Leading Construction Developer Combines Stratocast™ Cloud-Based Surveillance System with Solar Power to Economically Enhance Security and Operations across Multiple Sites

Established in 2007 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Deveraux Developments has quickly become a leader in multi-family residential construction, helping to accommodate a rising rental demand in the nation’s growing cities. Part of Deveraux’s success stems from its consistent focus on innovation, from sourcing next-generation design and construction solutions to securing its development sites.

According to Remo Rea, Senior Project Manager at Deveraux Development, “For liability and insurance reasons, we were spending large sums of money to have security guards tour our sites, but it was difficult to get feedback and reports on their monitoring. We needed something more agile.”

Mr. Rea contacted Marcomm Systems Group Inc., a service-oriented integrator with a focus on custom solutions. Michael Elkin, Security Sales and Marketing Manager explains some of Deveraux’s unique hurdles: “The first site was a remote storage location outside of Regina which housed material for an upcoming project where there was no power or internet. We felt confident in our portfolio of best-of-breed solution providers and our team’s ability to build something that would work for Deveraux Developments.”

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