Magazine Article | March 22, 2012

Dealers Represent An Exclusive Sales Channel For Keystroke POS

By David Hunsinger, Director of Sales, Keystroke POS/Specialized Business Solutions

“Our handling of margins reflects on the fact that dealer partners are essentially independent sales representatives and our exclusive sales channel.”

Describe your ideal reseller partner.
I’ve always considered our ideal partner to be the present day form of an old school ECR dealership. A family oriented small business, but one that has evolved and embraced new technology and computers. While such dealerships are indeed valuable business partners, experience has proven that a single person or couple can sell and service a surprising number of clients. Our scalable POS software product line and support services accommodate many types of reseller partners very well.

What is unique about your partner program?
To date, SBS and Keystroke POS software are the only retail software provider and product to be recognized by VARs in every one of Business Solutions magazine’s Best Channel Vendor and Best Channel Product surveys. We’re very proud of this unique distinction, and don’t take it for granted. We continuously work to improve our products and services, and build on our partner relationships. SBS is absolutely dedicated to the dealer channel, evident by these prestigious awards.

What types of service/support do you offer your partners?
Most importantly, we answer the phone when it rings. For new dealers, it takes some getting used to, but there’s nothing like calling a software developer for assistance and having your call answered by a technician (aka, actual person) who is ready, willing, and capable of helping you then and there. We do not force calls through an automated attendant, and we do not use a call queue since our customers so rarely have to leave a message. We try to handle all support calls immediately, and follow up promptly when research or testing is required. We also handle all incoming calls essentially the same, whether it’s a dealer or end user customer, or a sales or support call. In fact, our tech-support reps and our pre-sales reps are one in the same, but please don’t tell them!

What role does your product play in your partner program?
Any experienced POS VAR knows that virtually every retail or wholesale business they call on will have some unique requirement. The configurability of the software is paramount with retail POS, and Keystroke POS software is as configurable as it gets in the hands of a knowledgeable reseller.

How can vendors of compatible products/services enhance one another’s partner programs?
One prime example is with ISVs and payment processors. In addition to the 50% revenue sharing our dealers receive from our vendor partners such as Mercury Payment Systems and Merchant Warehouse, our dealers receive another 5% contributed to their Co-op account.

And finally, wouldn’t a discussion about partner programs be lacking without asking about margins?
Yes, margins are an important topic for most POS dealers. We often hear about thin margins, especially on hardware, but also on service plans and upgrades. Our average margin is nearly 45% and as high as 60% including Co-op credits. Dealer margins increase with annual purchase volume, and rates apply equally to software products and service plan renewals. Our handling of margins reflects on the fact that dealer partners are essentially independent sales representatives and our exclusive sales channel.

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