Case Study

Datrix Experiences A 60% Increase In Calls And Increased Customer Satisfaction

Source: Autotask Corporation

In this case study from Autotask, Datrix, a London based business solutions and consulting company, was having trouble with limited integration across its systems such as Outlook and mobile devices, an inefficient system for tracking and monitoring contracted hours, and reporting that was consuming too much time.

Datrix was established in 1994 and provides business solutions and consulting services to both the private and public sectors in the UK.

In 2009 Datrix was operating their help desk service with a single person using email and phone to log customer requirements. They were looking to employ more people on the help desk, but their current system for logging calls was too limited. Employees at Datrix also began using their personal mobile devices which did not integrate with the previous help-desk application.

Desiré Cilliers, Service Manager at Datrix, highlights another issue: “Our manual reporting process was time consuming, particularly for tracking ‘pre-paid’ hours for customers.”

Download this case study below to read the solution to Datrix’s problems.