Datasheet | January 22, 2013

Datasheet: LabTech Mobile Device Management

Source: LabTech Software
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Bring your own device (BYOD) is becoming more and more popular in every type of business. This phenomenon stems from the wide adoption of smartphones among consumers and their insistence of being able to conduct business on their personal mobile devices. At times, these devices are company owned, but allowing individuals to bring and use their personal devices for business purposes can provide significant cost savings and is quickly becoming the norm. The primary concern with BYOD among corporate IT managers and solution professionals is the increased security risk that mobile devices bring to company IT networks.

LabTech Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides an environment where IT professionals can easily manage and secure mobile devices throughout their entire lifecycle. Built directly into LabTech, the MDM service allows for centralized management of all mobiles devices across all client sites from the same interface used to monitor your clients' networks. With LabTech MDM IT solution professionals can manage their clients devices running on Apple iOS® and Google Android™, letting them effectively enroll, configure, collect data, secure, and service employee and company-owned mobile devices while safeguarding their IT network from mobile security threats.

To read more about the benefits provided by LabTech MDM and take a look at how it all works, download the datasheet from the link above.