Datasheet | January 22, 2013

Datasheet: LabTech Mobile

Source: LabTech Software
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LabTech Mobile provides access to the power of LabTech from anywhere, at any time, from most mobile devices. The LabTech mobile app provides you the ability to respond to customers' support requests and resolve issues anywhere, 24/7. With LabTech Mobile, technicians can even provide continued services from the field through their LabTech compatible mobile devices. Mobile users have access to tickets, timers, client data, scripts, and much more!

 LabTech Mobile allows you to:

  • Improve customer management and technician response time
  • Seamlessly support your customers at any time, from any location
  • Greatly increase your technicians’ productivity and efficiency from the field
  • Improve your ability to accurately capture billable time for increased profits
  • Improve customer service by having immediate access to essential information
  • More effectively monitor, allocate and reassign resources

LabTech Mobile is available on Windows® Mobile 6.5, Android™, iPhone®, and iPad® devices. It is free to current LabTech users.

To take a look at the full complement of features offered and which devices they are available for use on, download the datasheet.