Datasheet | January 22, 2013

Datasheet: LabTech Ignite®

Source: LabTech Software
LabTech Ignite

Implementing new remote monitoring and management (RMM) software can take a significant amount of time and usually has a substantial learning curve. In response to partner feedback concerning these issues, LabTech has developed LabTech Ignite which provides faster implementation and a reduced learning curve. LabTech Ignite is an industry exclusive built directly into LabTech.

LabTech Ignite provides you with pre-established processes, built-in monitors and alerts based on Microsoft® best practices, default service plans, industry defined thresholds, auto-fix scripts, automated patch management, and predefined searches. It also features Mac and Linux onboarding, role detection and critical service monitoring for servers, and the highest level of automation out-of-the-box for any RMM solution on the market.

Industry experts and some of the most profitable MSPs worked for over 2,000 hours to develop the functionality that comprises LabTech Ignite. This investment has put LabTech at the top in terms of the measure of resources invested to develop and compile a virtual package of MSP industry best practices and expertise. It is designed to work with almost any number of LabTech users, from 100 to 10,000 agents, and can be turned on and off to let the partner decide the level of functionality that is best for their environment.

For more information about LabTech Ignite, including the multitude of preset functions it delivers, download the datasheet at the link above.