Datasheet | January 23, 2013

Datasheet: AccuTouchUSB

Source: Accu-Time Systems, Inc.

With AccuTouchUSB technology at your fingertips you can explore great new possibilities - biometric authentication is now as easy as a finger touch.

Use AccuTouchUSB to:

  • Simplify biometric enrollment of employees
  • Speed up the enrollment process
  • Train employees on proper biometric usage
  • Avoid buddy punching in PC timeclocks or webclocks

A fast, reliable, highly accurate biometric finger scanner with USB connection, AccuTouchUSB utilizes a unique multispectral technology that is up to 20% more reliable than conventional methods. Multispectral imaging reads the capillary structure under the skin as well as certain data points found on the fingerprint. It then weaves those two data sets into a single highly accurate template that represents the user. Each time the user places their finger on the AccuTouchUSB it is immediately compared accurately to their stored template.

Download the datasheet below to learn more about AccuTouchUSB.