Datasheet | June 27, 2012

MX9 Ultra-Rugged Handheld Computer

To earn the right be called “ultra-rugged," a device must test to an IP rating of 67, a 6-foot drop to concrete, and a 2,000 cycle 1-meter tumble test. But the true tests of the MX9 don’t happen in a lab. The MX9 proves itself on the loading dock when a worker uses it as a hammer to repair a palette; when a farmer trusts it as his sole connection to suppliers; and when workers use the device in a widening spectrum of demanding conditions.

To what kind of test will you subject the MX9? Push the PXA 320 processor with quick-turn browser-based applications. Use the WWAN radio and GPS to stay connected from the most remote locations.

From the port to the wheat field. From the warehouse to the construction site. From our tests to yours. Put the MX9 through its paces today.