Datasheet | December 2, 2009

Datasheet: Data Domain Deduplication Storage System

Conventional disk backup storage systems are more reliable than tape and help backups go faster, but because they don't reduce data size, they are generally much too expensive to replace the retention of a tape library. So they are usually just a front-end cache to a tape library infrastructure, temporarily alleviating backup window problems. By not reducing data size, they leave data volumes too large to replicate affordably. And ultimately, they lack robust data invulnerability because they are based on primary storage designs, which favor random block update speed over data invulnerability. This means recovery and offsite disaster recovery (DR) protection still depend on tape. How did your last tape-based DR audit go?

Data Domain Operating System (DD OS) software has revolutionized backup, archiving, networked DR and remote office data protection with high-speed, inline deduplication and consistent, integrated system management tools. DD OS enables the simplest approach to going tapeless for operational recovery and longer term retention.