Guest Column | December 9, 2016

Data Backup & Recovery: How Big Data Has Changed Things & What Decision-Makers Need To Do About It

David Molnar, CEO, Dave's Computers and ASCII Group Member Since 2014

By David Molnar, CEO, Dave's Computers and ASCII Group Member Since 2014

Today, companies in all sectors have a massive demand for data. To succeed, they must be able to take in a large amount of data and process it in real-time with no room for delays, lags, or hiccups. As the demand for efficiency and fast processing times has risen, companies around the world have been forced to move beyond the relational databases of yesteryear and into new, more capable data processing methods.

Today, data backup and recovery must be scalable, agile, and able to process large amounts of data across a broad server base. These things are, in large part, due to the rise of social media, the popularity of mobile platforms, and the increased use of SaaS throughout all industries. Because of these things, and the increasing demand for data in virtually all sectors, the face of the data backup and recovery industry as we know it is changing daily.