Case Study

Case Study: Daewoo Engineering And Construction Deploy's Korea's Largest SSL VPN Wuth The SA6000

Source: Juniper Networks, Inc.

Daewoo Engineering & Construction (Daewoo E&C) is the leading construction company in Korea. In 2006 and 2007, it topped the Ministry of Construction & Transportation's evaluation of execution capacity for construction works, ranking first among 11,530 general construction companies and 35,329 specialized construction companies in areas of performance, financial strength, and technical capability. The company's strong showing attests to its success in leveraging IT for cost savings, business efficiency, and productivity.

Daewoo E&C implemented the SA6000 to create an SSL VPN environment for up to 5,000 users. The network, which can support up to 3,500 concurrent users, is the largest SSL VPN deployment in Korea.

An SSL VPN leverages a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a common protocol supported by all standard Web browsers. This satisfies the business requirement of lowering the total cost of ownership by providing secure communications between sites without the need to develop new software, reconfigure internal servers, or provide additional maintenance or desktop support. An SSL VPN can also be centrally managed, which simplifies network operation.