News | February 21, 2018

Cytracom's New Voice Intelligence Engine Simplifies Managed VoIP, Expands Business Continuity Play For Channel Partners


Innovative voice intelligence engine integrates with Cytracom’s proprietary platform to prioritize continuity and the customer experience, making VoIP a hassle-free, high-performance managed service for MSPs

Cytracom recently unveiled Ivie, the IT channel’s first integrated voice intelligence engine built to help MSPs further simplify, secure, sell and scale managed VoIP services to meet the needs of SMBs and SMEs.

Available immediately to channel partners in the U.S., Ivie intelligently tracks and analyzes data in the customer's voice network, detects anomalies and proactively notifies MSPs and their customers in real time when escalations are necessary and performance is impacted. The new intelligence layer works seamlessly with Cytracom’s proprietary and proven VoIP platform, and serves as a great entry point or “add on” service for MSPs.

“MSPs are under increasing pressure to proactively manage every aspect of their customer’s IT ecosystem, whether hosted locally or in the cloud,” said Zane Conkle, Co-Founder and CEO of Cytracom. “Keeping in line with our cloud-based VoIP solution, we built Ivie from the ground up to empower MSPs with the automation and intelligence needed to simplify services management and bolster their customers’ confidence in VoIP.”

The move to digital is happening across virtually all markets and all businesses regardless of size. Smart MSPs are talking about, and taking action around, business continuity to ensure their customers stay connected and have plans in play for when, not if, the unthinkable happens. Historically, voice services have not been part of these conversations, until now. With Ivie’s built-in Voice Continuity Policies, MSPs can proactively manage and ultimately protect customers’ voice services, just like they do with data and email in the event of a business interruption or disaster.

“Managed VoIP is an easy add-on to an existing services contract, and works effortlessly to enhance the customer experience and get an organization comfortable with the move toward cloud and digital transformation,” explains Conkle. “Adding Ivie to our VoIP platform was a strategic investment in R&D that will bring tremendous value and service differentiation to us and our channel partners. Together we will accelerate the adoption of managed VoIP, and raise commercial confidence in technology by making voice continuity part of every business continuity plan.”

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SOURCE: Cytracom