White Paper

Cybersecurity: Can Overconfidence Lead To An Extinction Event?

Source: Solarwinds MSP

In this 2017 security survey, the overall responses strongly suggest that executive boards of enterprises and small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) are confident of their cyberthreat preparedness, low vulnerability, and data protection. The data reflects that their CIOs, heads of IT, and even their CISOs are all equally clear: we are secure.

This conviction has become so important to organizations that, as more high-profile hacks and breaches are revealed, often resulting in brands taking a financial or reputational hit, budgets to maintain their supposed security are being continually ramped up. Indeed, more investment is being made every year in corporate cybersecurity just to maintain that level of confidence.

Survey results suggest that IT providers are confident of their cyberthreat preparedness – but is this confidence misplaced?

Our survey reveals that it is, in fact, misplaced.