News | June 24, 2013

CUSTOM Presents The New POS K3 Printer


Custom's new K3 model, which features the latest technologies for Retail and POS printers, is ideal for printing receipts, coupons, kitchen orders, invoices and tickets.

The K3 surpasses all limits in unbelievable time frames, offering practical solutions and exceptional performance. All this in an elegant product that's been designed to adapt to any environment: from prestigious and refined fashion shops to efficient and highly‐functional upscale restaurants and department stores.

The K3 satisfies the needs and requirements that customers have long been forced to do without.

We are well aware that the work of a dealer or salesman, regardless of the business sector, can not be reduced to a mere exchange of money and merchandise. Rather, the activities of managing your services and your customers are subject to numerous variables, and there is a constant risk posed to your company's image throughout the course of every sale. Although it takes place once the sale has already been completed, the printing of the receipt is perhaps the most important moment of the transaction. It's a moment of contact that empathetically brings the two parties together, where even a tiny piece of paper can give that final "touch" to conclude the transaction in style.

That's where the K3 printer comes in, leaving customers with a greater sense of satisfaction and a slightly broader smile.

The characteristics that differentiate this product from those already available on the market have been designed precisely for this purpose.

In addition to its cutting‐edge technologies, featuring an integrated web server, the VeriPrint system, a WiFi module, application notes for Android and the possibility of printing from Apple devices like the iPhone, the iPodTouch and the iPad, the K3 also offers a wide range of other technological solutions that have helped it rank among the best in terms of user satisfaction.

These include the high‐speed troubleshooting of problems associated with routine maintenance, thanks to a system that Custom's designers have developed to provide easy access to the parts in question. There's even a cable collection system that allows for the cables and connections to be concealed inside the machine itself, thus leaving the support surface in perfect order and free of any encumbrances. And that's not all. The K3 has even been designed for use within any space or upon any surface, as it can be vertically wall‐mounted in order meet specific installation requirements.

This approach to product development has led to the realization of a number of other important features.

Custom's technicians have even found a way to further simplify the product's use with luminous capacitive feed and cover‐opening buttons, which render the K3 intuitive and easy to use right from the start. Any required service operations can be easily recognized thanks to the presence of a LED indicator light, while the cover‐opening mechanism is automatically triggered as soon as the roll runs out in order to prompt the user to replace it.

The K3 offers an unforgettable user experience from start to finish.

CUSTOM ENGINEERING was founded in 1992 with the objective of developing mechatronic (mechanical/electronic) solutions, in particular for the rapidly growing printer market. Since its establishment, the company has been dedicated to investing heavily in research and development, products and solutions. All the technical innovations, electronics, mechanical designs, firmware, drivers and utilities are developed in‐house. The company’s 20 years of product development have allowed it to gain extensive experience and technical know‐how in various sectors. In fact, CUSTOM offers the widest range of specialized devices for the vertical markets: Points of Sale ‐ printers, receipt printers and cash registers ‐ OEM and TKT ‐ mechanisms, printers, ticket printers and scanners ‐ the Gaming/Lottery/Gambling division ‐ printers, terminals, monitors and scanners.