News | October 28, 2004

CPT-8001 Preferred Terminal For AC Nielsen (Asia Pacific)

After months of evaluations and testing, AC Nielsen (Asia Pacific) has selected the CipherLab CPT-8001, over a number of data collection terminals, as its chosen terminal for the Homescan™ Product throughout Asia.

At a recent press conference, held at the Far East hotel in Taipei, Mr. Laurent Zeller, Managing Director of AC Nielsen Asia Pacific shared the company's views and thoughts on the decision and the future.

"AC Nielsen has been a worldwide leader in market research and a global authority in Consumer Behavior Research. Our footprint exceeds 25 markets around the globe. One of the services we provide to our customer is Homescan™ which collects shopping trips and brand purchase information from a selected and representative sample of households. We do this in a number of ways, one of those is using portable data collection terminals (scanners) and transmitting the information via telephone line to a computer for tabulation and analysis."

"The Homescan™ service has been in operation for decade around the world. Last year, we decided that we need to renew and upgrade our equipment as well as expand our footprint, so an internal ACNielsen team began to evaluate suitable terminals available from around the world."

"After months of rigorous testing by our regional teams, we at ACNielsen Asia Pacific decided to partner with HITS Pte Ltd of Singapore and Syntech Information Co. of Taiwan who manufactures the Cipherlab brand of terminals. We selected the Cipherlab CPT-8001 as the terminal most suitable for the application."

Mr. Koh Juay Meng of HITS Pte Ltd Singapore added, "The Homescan™ application has always been a complex one. The requirements are far greater than the average data collection application. This is where our experience in this industry, coupled with Syntech's leading edge technology and software engineering has enabled us to perform well and be successful in delivering what ACNielsen are looking for now and in the future."

Mr. Zeller continued: "We began working with these partners since November of last year and have found their knowledge of the application and communications to be excellent, as such behaving as a trusted partner. They have worked very closely with our teams across the Asia Pacific region and their support level and responsiveness to our needs has been very high. We have currently begun installing units in 3 Asian countries. Other territories in Asia and potentially in Europe are under consideration for future installations. We expect the roll-out of full scale implementation to begin in Q4 of this year."

Mr. Steven Liau, Chairman of Syntech Information quoted, "ACNielsen is a very prestigious company and we are delighted that our equipment was chosen by them and we are able to deliver the solution they are looking for. We developed the application in-house, in conjunction with HITS and the ACNielsen Asian development team, we wanted to ensure the complete system would be right the first time. We at Syntech are very proud that we and HITS were selected as partners."

Mr. Zeller concluded: "We are very pleased with the results we have obtained to date. There are other products in the ACNielsen product range that require automatic data collection and we believe that HITS and Syntech are the right partners for us for a long time to come."