From The Editor | August 13, 2010

Converging Technology Drives SaaS Solutions Into New Territory


By Gennifer Biggs, security, storage, and managed services editor

During CompTIA Breakaway, I had the opportunity to talk with David Hughes, CEO of Reflexion, a hosted email security vendor that has expanded its line card to offer several other hosted security options, including email encryption, in the last few months.

We talked about Reflexion's goal of moving its partners to the stability and ease of hosted solutions, and the company's willingness to work toward solutions its partner base wanted to have access to (in fact, it won the CompTIA award for Best Partner Program). "We are focused on building a hosted platform that allows us to continuously add functionality," explained Hughes. "And we'll keep layering on functionality as our partners ask for new offerings."

So far, that process has moved Reflexion from a hosted email security software vendor to one that also offers archiving, e-discovery, recovery, and encryption tools. While Hughes told me there were no specific products in the pipeline at Reflexion, he did hint about some partner requests that Reflexion is focusing on, so I expect to see more in the near term from this vendor. In the meantime, Hughes says the company is working to more deeply integrate with the managed services tools most of its partners use, automating alerts and helping them more easily add and delete users as needed.