Contribute To Business Solutions Magazine

Our Audience

Our magazine’s audience is comprised of VARs, MSPs, software developers, and integrators. Our articles are written to help IT solutions providers grow their businesses. We do not publish content that focuses on the end user. Rather, we write about how VARs, MSPs, software developers, or integrators found the customer, solved their problem, and made money.

Our audience is primarily interested in the thoughts and opinions of their solutions providers colleagues and vendors, consultants, and services providers with North American offices who work with the IT channel.

Before submitting anything or contacting anyone at Business Solutions, please be sure you have a full understanding of the Business Solutions audience.

Check out 18 Tips For Writing Content That VARs Will Love (below) to maximize anything you plan on writing for the Business Solutions audience.

Business Solutions in print

Our editorial team decides on interview subjects for articles in our print editions, most often established channel leaders or innovative solutions providers. Cold calls based on our editorial calendar likely will not result in an interview.

Also, bylined articles are not accepted for the print edition.

Business Solutions accepts a variety of contributed material for possible inclusion on our Web site and in our e-mail newsletters. All contributions are subject to editing for length, content, and appropriate style. Business Solutions reserves the right to deem any submission as acceptable or unacceptable.

Acceptable submissions may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • News/product releases. We post press releases on our website from companies that sell through the IT channel. From among these submissions, we select news for inclusion in the “Channel Headlines” section of our print magazine and features on news from the channel by technology.   Product releases should be at least 200 words in length.
  • Guest columns. Guest columns submitted to should be original, not published elsewhere, non-promotional, thorough, and actionable. There is no word limit, but a good target word count is 500 to 800 words. We do not have a guest blog. See our contributor list.
  • White papers and reports. White papers and reports can be submitted as pdfs or in text form.
  • Case studies. You may submit case studies in which the subject is an IT solutions provider (not an end user). Contact us with a topic and we can interview you via email.
  • Multimedia (videos, podcasts, etc.)

Submission Process
Unsolicited news and product releases are accepted via e-mail. Contributors are encouraged to include artwork with their releases.

Articles are also accepted via e-mail addressed to the editor. Contributors are encouraged to contact the editor before submitting content. A brief biography and a photo of the author may be included.

Unsolicited multimedia files are not accepted via e-mail. If you are interested in submitting a multimedia file for possible inclusion on Business Solutions, please email the editor with a brief description of the content, along with the file type and file size. The editor will then arrange for the most appropriate method of file transfer.

All contributed content should be tailored to the Business Solutions audience. News events, emerging technologies, industry trends and issues, and problem-solving techniques are appropriate topics as long as they are relevant to VARs, integrators, software developers, and MSPs.

Some current technology topics of interest include:

  • mobile POS
  • mobile payments
  • BYOD
  • cloud POS
  • bar coding
  • managed services
  • cloud backup
  • backup & recovery
  • IP video surveillance
  • VMS
  • networking security
  • virtualization
  • power protection
  • digital signage
  • mobile computing

Contributors are encouraged to submit artwork such as photos, graphics, charts, graphs, or figures with their content. Only digital images will be accepted; JPEG and GIF formats are preferred. If deemed necessary, images may be subject to resizing and/or cropping.

Contributors will be asked to grant copyright permission to Business Solutions in order to publish their submission. However, we do not require copyright ownership of contributed content, so you may submit it elsewhere after publication on Business Solutions.

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