Guest Column | September 27, 2010

Guest Column: Content Management Technologies And Alphabet Soup: 26 Tips To Spell Success

By Laurel B. Sanders, Optical Image Technology

From enterprise content management (ECM) to electronic document management (EDM), business process management (BPM), business intelligence (BI), EDRM (electronic document and records management), records and information management (RIM) and more, technology increasingly resembles a bowl of alphabet soup. So many acronyms are floating around that it's hard to know what order to put the letters in and what they're supposed to spell.

Whether you're scanning files for historical reference, providing information access via a customer portal, or are in the midst of enterprise-wide process automation, there are standard steps you should take that will help you to succeed. No matter what acronym your solution spells or what your goals are, these 26 steps should be applied and revisited throughout your project implementation. If you miss one, your project might turn out a bit differently from what you are hoping for. How and when you use each tip is up to you, but be sure to use them all!