Magazine Article | March 18, 2010

Tech Trends: Content Filtering On A Dynamic Web

By Cindy Dubin

The rules for how businesses manage Web-related content are very different from just 10 years ago. The static, text-based html environment of Web 1.0 was all about accessing the Internet to find information. The evolution into today's dynamic Web 2.0 has social networking taking center stage for individuals as well as corporations. Organizations see the benefits of leveraging the capabilities of the dynamic Web to market themselves to potential customers. Consider that 66% of Fortune 100 companies have a presence on Twitter, 46% are on Facebook, and 55% are on LinkedIn, according to statistics from Websense. And, employees within these organizations enjoy browsing sites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Wikipedia. According to Websense, 80% of all Internet traffic visits these pages.

Used with permission from Business Solutions magazine.