News | June 24, 2015

Content Analytics Is Becoming An Essential Business Solution

By Ally Kutz, contributing writer

Content analytics are quickly becoming an essential business tool, with six in ten enterprises saying it will become essential to them in the next five years, according to a new AIIM study, “Content Analytics: Automating Processes and Extracting Knowledge.”

75 percent of enterprises in the study believe there is real business insight to be gained from content analytics, highlighting its true technological value as an addition to organizations.

Content analytics analyze and gain insight from incoming and legacy content and are also becoming increasingly essential in addressing risks associated with incorrectly identified content. Those surveyed feel auto-classification of content helps protect their organization against security breaches, sensitive or offensive content, and exposure to compliance regulations. 54 percent of enterprises surveyed feel that they are at considerable risk from these types of threats.

“The sheer volume of legacy content, combined with increasing volumes of new inbound content, meaning that content analytics has the potential to be the single most valuable tool at an enterprise’s disposal,” said Doug Miles, AIIM’s chief analyst. “It can provide meaning and insight to content and help protect organizations from risks associated with unclassified content. But content analytics programs need strategic direction and people with the right skills to realize the potential. Organizations must look to address these shortfalls as a priority.”

Although content analytics have massive potential, 80 percent of organizations surveyed have yet to designate a senior role to initiate and manage analytics applications. Due to this lack of designation, 63 percent of respondents feel their company’s potential is being restricted as well as deployment of content analytics tools being held back.

73 percent of respondents feel that enhancing the value of legacy content is better than wholesale deletion, while 53 percent feel that using auto-classification content analytics is not just the best but the only way to get content chaos under control.

17 percent of respondents felt that content analytics is essential, while 48 percent concede that it is something they definitely need. Of those surveyed, 34 percent are using content analytics for process automation, information governance, contextual search, or business insight.

50 percent of organizations report that inbound analytics allow for faster flowing processes, 32 percent report happier staff, and 20 percent report improved governance. Other benefits include ROI within 18 minutes or less, according to 68 percent of organizations.

The full report can be found here.

Source: AIIM