News Feature | June 18, 2014

Connect With Clients By Writing A Business Book

By Cheryl Knight, contributing writer

Writing A Business Book To Reach Customers

With the digital age in full swing, books might not always take the form of paper and binding, and readers might turn a page with a swipe of their finger across a screen. Regardless of this evolution, people still turn to the written word as a resource, for advice, or to learn. One way to establish yourself as a thought leader in a particular area is to write a book. This practice has proven especially true for business professionals who want to launch themselves as trusted advisors in their respective fields, including markets in the IT channel.

Listed below are a few of the benefits professionals-turned-authors have realized, according to the Tanya Hall, CEO of Greenleaf Book Group, an independent publisher interested in developing bestselling books in the business field. Hall explains several positive outcomes of writing a book.

Helps Establish Your Area Of Expertise

One of the main benefits of authoring a business book includes becoming established as a thought leader in your specific area, listed in the blog “How to Become A Thought Leader in Six Steps,” for the Harvard Business Review. Whether this is in disaster recovery, how to successfully operate an MSP (managed services provider), or even tricks of the trade when running a corporation, people seek out experts in whatever field they need help.  

Helps Develop Your Message

“Once you’ve narrowed down your specialty and differentiated yourself from your competition, it’s time to identify your key message and the value that you will bring to others,” according to Hall. Authoring a book can help you focus in and develop a core message. Whether you have access to research, other experts, or other information important to those in your field of study, a book helps take that information and refines it so that others can understand and benefit from that message.

Helps You Find Clients

As long as the book you write successfully conveys the information you want to disseminate, it can help you establish yourself as an expert in your respective field and attract others who value your opinion or any services you offer. By honing your message, you can build a booming client base. An article in Forbes defines this: “Your firm’s thought leadership content must be able to make a meaningful difference to a select audience. Optimally, it should be able to enable your audience to generate meaningful results as expeditiously as possible.”

“If your book adequately conveys the promise and purpose of your core business work, it can be a great tool to establish credibility and help attract prequalified prospects,” according to Hall.