Case Study

Case Study: Concerto Networks Wins With TalkSwitch

Concerto Networks, a leading Information Technology franchise operation in the US, Europe and New Zealand, knows how to maximize the productivity of its clients: create a ‘simple office' and allow them to focus on their business and not their technology worries.

Concerto Networks Founder Ray Hivoral knows firsthand the frustrations that inefficient and ineffective IT consultants can bring to a business. And knowing that millions of other businesses were experiencing the same frustrations, he decided to do something about it.

Recognizing that most people who operate small businesses don't want to waste precious time fixing their computers, Hivoral founded Concerto Networks in September 2002 on the principle of making office life simple, cohesive, and more effective by amassing the collective energy of dozens of IT professionals from around the world to ensure clients from all markets of small- and medium-sized businesses receive exactly what they need to be successful in their industry.

TalkSwitch, an industry-leading designer of phone systems engineered specifically for small and multi-location businesses, is one of Concerto Networks' key partners. For the past 17 years, TalkSwitch — much like Concerto Networks — has surrounded itself with numerous partners who excel in providing the most advanced equipment to the small business market.