News Feature | September 21, 2015

CompTIA Sizes Up The IoT Market

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

CompTIA Sizes Up The IoT Market

Eight in ten industry executives have taken some action to understand growing Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities as public and private sector organizations seek new ways to leverage connectivity. This is according to a research brief from CompTIA, the information technology (IT) industry trade association.

The study, Sizing Up the Internet of Things found that one in three executives believe these emerging IoT opportunities will improve their bottom line over the next one to two years. And while the IT industry is at the center of current activity regarding the IoT, virtually every sector of the economy will feel its impact.

But while opportunities are growing, obstacles remain:53 percent of survey respondents believe the hype surrounding the IoT market has gotten ahead of itself, a rate comparable to the findings in CompTIA’s 2014 survey. “The data points to IoT advances on many fronts, but also confirms that like many markets for emerging technologies, it will take time for IoT to develop,” said Tim Herbert, senior vice president, research and market intelligence, CompTIA. “Many facets of IoT — standards, governance, security and privacy issues, skilled workers and other matters – need to fall into place before the market can truly blossom.”

According to CompTIA’s research , there are a number of areas where IoT is expected to have the greatest impact, including:

  • controlling and monitoring newly connected devices or systems. (Cited by 53 percent of survey respondents)
  • collecting new streams of data. (46 percent)
  • adding intelligence to previously “dumb” devices or systems. (46 percent)
  • creating new value from connected systems. (42 percent)

The research brief includes a market overview, ecosystem description, opportunities outlook, and a synopsis of policy issues, and combines industry analysis with data collected from IT industry executives.

The CompTIA report Sizing Up the Internet of Things research brief is available for download free of charge by registering here.