News Feature | January 9, 2015

CompTIA's Business Confidence Index Shows A Gain In Q4

By Trisha Leon, contributing writer

CompTIA’s Business Confidence Index Shows A Gain In Q4

CompTIA’s IT Industry Business Confidence Index for 2014’s fourth quarter reveals a slight upturn from its third quarter dip. It has gained 1.9 points, with the index now at 62.1 on a scale of 100. The index was calculated following an online survey of IT industry executives and professionals in October 2014.

The forward-looking component of the index shows IT industry growth is expected to increase 3.0 percent — which indicates industry executives feel positive overall about prospects in the coming months.

There were some differences of opinions within the group of executives surveyed; micro-sized IT firms — those having less than ten employees — have a less confident outlook than medium-sized firms — those with 100-499 employees.

Topping the list of concerns for executives are price-sensitive customers hesitant to spend. Additionally, executives expressed concern over declining margins. While cloud storage pricing battles and the commoditization of certain types of hardware are good for customers, these challenge the tech companies providing the products or services. Concerns over margin pressure increased the most, jumping 8 percent over third quarter readings. On the other hand, concerns over shocking events, such as natural disasters or international incidents fell 8 percent, from 29 percent to 21 percent.

CompTIA’s Business Confidence Index is published at the beginning of each quarter. To read the complete Q4 report, visit CompTIA’s website.