News Feature | January 5, 2016

CompTIA Report: Big Data Can Mean Big Opportunity For The IT Channel

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

CompTIA Report: Big Data Can Mean Big Opportunity For The IT Channel

Businesses of all types and sizes are gathering and using large amounts of digital data, whether for making decisions about efficiency, understanding consumers, or making predictions for their businesses. IT solutions providers that understand the drivers behind this trend and can deliver and support Big Data solutions stand to capitalize on it.

The growth of Big Data use across all of your clients is expected to continue to increase. CompTIA, the IT industry association, released a study on the topic: Big Data Insights and Opportunities. The report, based on an online survey of 402 professionals, polled in September and October 2015, found that 72 percent of respondents have launched big data projects are generally experiencing positive early results, and in most cases the results have exceeded expectations.

Companies also face challenges when deploying a Big Data project. Of those surveyed, 75 percent believe they need to pay closer attention to data privacy issues, and 73 percent need better real-time analysis tools. Companies also need to overcome the problem of fragmented or siloed data. One of the biggest challenges companies face is having the right skills; about half of those surveyed report needs related to real-time analytics, relational databases, and data security — areas in which IT solutions providers can help.

In fact, the study highlights the vast opportunities that exist for IT solution providers to grow their businesses, as organizations also express a willingness to work with third parties for help with their data initiatives. CompTIA reports more than one-third of the companies surveyed work with IT firms for their data needs but on a limited basis — data storage and data backup, for example. But as companies expand their data initiatives, the IT channel has a chance to provide end-to-end data services.

Click here to access CompTIA’s Big Data Insights and Opportunities report.