News | August 6, 2013

COMBASE USA To Show KORONA.pos Cloud, The POS You Don't Want To Miss, At The RSPA's RetailNow 2013

Point of sale software developer, COMBASE says KORONA.pos Cloud gives dealers a platform to create custom point of sale software solutions.

Las Vegas, NV — COMBASE has developed solutions to help merchants get their operations up to date so they can better compete in this struggling economy.  Their solution is the KORONA.pos Cloud, which will be showcased Aug. 4th to Aug.7th, at the RSPA’s RetailNow 2013, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Almost everybody says that their point of sale (POS) system is customizable.  In most cases, it’s true that you can choose the products, prices, categories and even select the placement of some of the buttons to an extent.  KORONA.pos Cloud offers value added resellers (VARs) a time tested platform on which to build their own POS solutions.

Whether you offer POS services to retailers, restaurants, QSRs, ticketed venues or a combination of the aforementioned, KORONA.pos Cloud allows you the ultimate flexibility to create a perfectly tailored solution for your unique customer’s needs. 

COMBASE knows that your time is valuable and the fewer steps it takes to get a new system sold and into the hands of customers, ready to go live, the sooner you can start building on residuals and move on to the next customer who’s burning up your phones or email for a new system.

COMBASE’s team works with you to build out custom template systems.  For example, most of your customers from [fill in the blank] vertical or niche will have similar basic needs and probably just need a few tweaks here or there to make it feel right for them.  So COMBASE helps you set up a template POS and now each time you serve a [fill in the vertical] customer, you not only have a pre-fit demo ready to help you make the sale but you only have to make minor adjustments to get the system installed!  What’s better?  The customer doesn’t know how little work it takes you each time, so you can keep charging your usual service fees for programming, installation and support.

Speaking of support, it really doesn’t get much easier than with KORONA.pos Cloud.  With the back-office based in the cloud, you have direct access to your client’s accounts through any web-browser without the need for remote login sessions.  You can also easily see what’s happening on your customer’s POS terminals with the built in remote-support function.

Offered as a SaaS solution, KORONA.pos Terminal, the Client side of the system, runs on most hardware but has been certified with a growing number of solutions.  KORONA.pos Cloud is also platform independent, meaning it is able to run on all major operating systems.  It runs smoothly on most Windows operating systems, including Windows 8, as well as on the latest MAC OS, but perhaps most interesting is its ability to run on COMBASE’s own Linux distribution, offering a whole new level of reliability and security for end-users.

All of this merely scratches the surface of what makes KORONA a powerhouse system for the modern economy.  KORONA.pos Cloud is the POS system you don’t want to miss.  Stop by booth 841 at the RetailNow expo or contact COMBASE for a one-on-one evaluation of the system.

COMBASE USA is the US branch of 19 year point of sale veteran COMBASE AG from Dresden, Germany and is the proud developer of KORONA.pos Cloud, the hybrid-cloud solution for local and franchise operations. COMBASE has experienced continued growth in Europe due to its high quality and innovative POS software specifically designed to enhance performance. COMBASE is committed to maintaining its position as an innovator, which is why so much of our focus is on development.