Brochure | August 4, 2011

Brochure: Color Access Policy Manager

Source: OKI

Color Access Policy Manager (CAPM) makes printing in color cost effective – You've already decided that the advantages of in-house color printing would greatly benefit your business—but misgivings over the possibility of abuse might be keeping you from replacing your monochrome devices, and providing open access to color printers and color MFPs.

Using HD Color printers from OKI Printing Solutions equipped with the unique CAPM solution can help you maximize your ROI and get great professional color output only when you need it.

Perfect for small workgroups and big business – The CAPM solution suits the needs of any environment. It's easy enough for small workgroups to use yet powerful enough even for enterprise applications.

CAPM makes it easy to establish the rules – You create the policies for printing: Print customer-facing documents such as corporate marketing materials, presentations, contracts and signage in color. Force reference material and internal reports to print in black & white. Reject personal pictures, vacation maps or sports pools altogether.