News Feature | January 26, 2015

College Campus Uses GPS To Help Deter Theft

By Cheryl Knight, contributing writer


With the growing use of GPS tracking technology in a variety of markets, one trend is its use as a theft deterrent. At Reed College in Portland, OR, campus security has utilized GPS trackers to help stop a rash of bicycle thefts. According to a KOIN6 article on the story, more than 30 thefts occurred between August and December of 2014. Using a GPS tracking device, they were able to successfully track a stolen bicycle, allowing Portland police to recover it. A GPS tracking device was clipped to an abandoned bicycle and parked back on campus in a theft-prone area. According to the article, on the evening of the same day, “a campus safety officer was alerted via text message that the bike had moved more than 10 feet from a predetermined location” and police were notified.

Campus safety director Gary Granger said the technology has allowed campus safety officers to become more proactive in dealing with this problem.

GPS Tracking Technology Protects Equipment

Back2me, an Irish company specializing in tracking and locating stolen farm machinery and equipment, also employs GPS technology. An Agriland article explains that GPS devices installed on tractors and other heavy machinery send a text message to their owners if their machinery or equipment has moved a certain distance. The technology also allows you to determine its location once moved. According to the article by Margaret Donnelly, “With one of its trackers all you need to do is fit a Sim card and switch it on.”