News Feature | October 15, 2015

Collaboration Solutions Need Measures To Control Data Leakage

By Ally Kutz, contributing writer

Collaboration Solutions Need Measures To Control Data Leakage

As your IT clients deploy collaboration solutions, they are realizing the need to combat a downside of using them: data leakage.

A Final Code study performed by Enterprise Management Associates found that, to prevent this transfer of data outside of their organizations, 53 percent of survey respondents are considering investments in file encryption and usage control software, 53 percent in portable storage devices, 50 percent in network gateway encryption, 50 percent in email gateway/proxy, and 50 percent in enterprise mobility management (EMM). Furthermore, 85 percent of those surveyed plan to make technology investments, and 84 percent plan to enhance security awareness training among those within the organization to lessen chances of data leakage.

The 2015 State of File Collaboration Security report, based on a survey of more than 150 mid-tier and large enterprises, states most organizations (greater than 80 percent)have experienced file data leakage incidents, and 75 percent describe their concern with the risks as high to very high.

The report lists likely causes of data leakage: 20 percent is attributed to inappropriate file sharing with others within the organization; 19 percent by files stolen by hackers or malware; and 11 percent by inappropriate file sharing with others outside the organization.

Of the organizations surveyed, 84 percent had moderate to no confidence in their security controls and inspecting capability to secure files.

To download the report and view an infographic based on the study’s findings click here