Guest Column | September 12, 2013

Cloud Storage Opportunities For The Channel

By: Mason Swenson, Product Marketing Manager for Imation’s Nexsan solutions

There’s a challenge at the heart of every business: the more data you have, the more data you have that needs to be retained, managed, and secured — which in turn creates more demand for instant access, fast compliance, and the ability to unlock the business value of data with analytics. 

The value proposition of cloud storage started as simply a way to optimize costs. Now, cloud infrastructures deliver access to compute power and storage capacity on an as-needed basis, support robust disaster recovery and business continuity strategies, and enable companies to integrate off-site backup into their data protection plans. As a result, cloud storage has morphed into a solution with the ability to offer organizational agility and flexibility in addition to cost optimization.

Managed service providers (MSPs) and value-added resellers (VARs) have a unique opportunity to serve as trusted advisors for their customers, both on cloud storage options or to offer their own cloud environments for their clients. This is particularly true for enterprises looking to establish IT infrastructures that can meet today’s needs, and quickly scale for growth.

For VARs and MSPs advising clients on cloud opportunities, here are some considerations to encourage clients to keep in mind:

  1. Look for a tiered solution. Growing businesses will be best served by a cloud storage solution that can be integrated with an onsite appliance, which acts as the gateway to the cloud. Integration offers faster recovery and restore with the onsite tier, while the offsite tier offers a cheaper and more flexible solution for growth and protection from site disasters.

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