Guest Column | June 18, 2014

Cloud-Readiness Is Key Criterion For SMBs Seeking Office Space

Cloud Office Space

By Satish Hemachandran, Senior Director of Product Management, Cloud Services, Cbeyond

What criteria do companies use in selecting office space?

Many are obvious, as they have been important since high-rises first began to dot the U.S. landscape: centralized location, convenient highway or public transit access, adequate office space, ample parking, and amenities like in-building or nearby food vendors.

Increasingly, though, office managers and corporate executives at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are assessing a latter-day criterion that is becoming as important as any: Is the building “cloud-ready”?

Companies are ever more reliant on high-speed network connectivity to the Internet and other essential services, including access to public or private clouds — which are a popular alternative to onsite servers by providing for the secure storage of and access to data and software programs. Buildings that are not “cloud-ready” are — in the minds of many decision makers — about as useful as offices without electricity or bathrooms.

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